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Tickets to: Bat Out of Hell: The Musical

Bat Out of Hell: The Musical

From $ 64.4

Bat Out of Hell is inspired by Meatloaf's smash album of the same name. The musical comes to Broadway for six short weeks this summer. Don't miss your chance to spend the night rocking out to your favorite Meatloaf hits!


- Choose your own seats
- See the talented cast belt out 17 of Meat Loaf's best songs
- Root along for with the rock'n'roll romance

What can I expect?

Everyone fears something different. Some are afraid of the apocalypse, others fear staying the same forever. Now imagine combining the two! That is what happens in Bat Out of Hell: The majority of the world's DNA is frozen, causing almost everyone to be the same age forever - and now some of the most hot-blooded teenagers want to change that fact!

Our hero, Strat, is eternally eighteen years old. He and the rest of his gang, "The Lost," roam the streets of Obsidian, a dystopian city ruled by the wicked and tyrannical Falco. When Strat sees Falco's daughter, Raven, who has been locked away in the palace towers, he sets out to rescue her from her evil father's clutches. Can Strat and Raven join forces and actually create change? Or will the costs be too big for them to handle?

This rock'n'roll story is about how love, bonds, and courage can bloom at any age. Many of Meat Loaf's iconic hits are featured, including "I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)", "Paradise By The Dashboard Light," and "Bat Out of Hell."

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